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Jeff Erickson, Naturopath
Gayle Weinand, M.A. Edu
Dolly Erickson, Naturopath

In Loving Memory 
George Weinand, Naturopath

Jeff Erickson, Naturopath

Trained and apprenticed with George Weinand, his grandpa, starting 2016. Graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health with  his CNHP (2017) and his CHHP (2018).  Has been involved at Neurowaves for most of his life. 

Gayle Weinand, MA Edu.

Gayle has a California Teaching Credential with a BCLAD, emphasis in Spanish. She has also obtained a Master of Arts in Education from Concordia University in Irvine, CA specializing in the effects of movement on learning. She is a licensed Brain Gym® Consultant/Instructor. Gayle has taught a wide range of ages including: preschool, second, third, fourth grade and junior high school students. Gayle served in Costa Rica, Central America for fifteen years and taught in a second grade classroom for six of them. Gayle worked the Brain Gym® program in her classroom and successfully increased test scores across the board for most of her fourth grade students. It is her desire to bring this program to all students in order to improve their learning potential and increase their test scores in a variety of subjects.

Dolly Erickson, Naturopath

Naturopath, graduated from Trinity College of Natural health with a Doctor of Naturopathy degree 2006. Married to Lance Erickson, for (37) years. Has 4 children, Kristalina, Luke, Josiah, and Jeffrey. Lived in Costa Rica 7 years, graduated high school from Instituto de Alfaro Ruiz in Zarcero, Costa Rica. Started a baby sling manufacturing company, Ciquentias, and taught English phonics at a bi-lingual school in San Jose, Costa Rica. Ran a natural food co-op for 7 years in Dana Point, Ca. Has home schooled for (20) years. Enjoys gardening and being a grandma.


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