Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials


Speaking as a board-certified allergist, retired after ten years of practice in internal medicine and thirty in allergy and immunology, as well as a patient over these many years. I am in a position well qualified to evaluate NAET as practiced by Dr. Weinand. It by far exceeds any other presently extant. Not only is it speedy, specific and immediately productive, but also the recent refinements appear to be yielding an actual cure of the problem. Heretofore only temporary suppression of the allergy symptom was possible, necessitating continual repetition of the therapeutic doses for many years.

This fact severely limits the benefit of conventional allergy care. Furthermore, except for its modifications promulgated by Drs. Hansel, Rinkel and Lee, it is inherently relatively non-productive and potentially dangerous, even fatal at times. Conventional allergy treatments may spawn the appearance of new allergies, e.g. to the chemical media in which they are injected. No such hazard exists in the NAET approach; it is non-invasive, eliminating the danger of induced infection for tissue necrosis or embolism. This alone would render its value high above any others. The fact that immediately after the treatment the allergic reaction to the offending substance is eliminated further enhances the worth of NAET.

I have been a friend and patient of George Weinand, N.D., for about three years. I regard my friendship with him as a very valuable asset to me in his role as a practitioner and as a friend. 

Dr. Weinand’s curriculum is quite impressive. He is a Doctor of Naturopathy. Naturopathic doctors are trained specialists in a separate and distinct healing art that uses non-invasive natural medicine. He has studied nutrition extensively and is a certified consultant in nutrition.

Dr. Weinand has included in his practice Computerized Regulation Thermography. He is a member of the International Academy of Medical Thermography. CRT is an on-the-spot adjunct assessment for focal causes of disease in integrative medicine.

He trained with Margaret Ayers (Neuropathways) of Beverly Hills, California and uses the same equipment and techniques. Margaret Ayers has pioneered the work in digital EEG neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is one of the most compelling examples of the body’s ability to self-regulate and bring itself back into balance. It offers individuals an opportunity to participate in their own healing process.

As a patient of Dr. Weinand, I can state unequivocally that my allergies are under much better control than ever before. This procedure is applicable not only to allergies but also to chronic fatigue, immune dysfunction syndrome, asthma and other chronic conditions. Without qualification, I recommend this amazing method as practiced by Dr. Weinand to anyone seeking relief from any of the diseases susceptible to it. 

Charles G. Gabelman, M.D., Diplomate American Board of Allergy and Immunology – June 7, 2000

When my baby was 2 months old she was exhibiting the same allergy signs that my older daughter had endured at that age – terrible stomach cramping after every feeding that made her scream and kick her little baby legs in pain, baby acne on her face, terrible diaper rash, constantly goopy eye, and a ridiculous amount of spitting up. I had eliminated different foods from my diet and couldn’t figure it out. We took her to Dr. Weinand upon the recommendation of a friend, although we were very skeptical of naturopathic medicine. He was able eliminate her allergy to breast milk the first week, which helped with the cramping. The next week he eliminated an allergy to phenolics (building block of all plants), which solved the other issues. I am so thankful for their practice! They were also very sweet about the fact that I had to bring my 18 month old with me and helped me juggle 2 babies at once.

Rebecca A.

My son was getting terrible cold sores on his cheek every few weeks. After one visit to neurowaves he has only had two breakouts in a year! His skin looks amazing and he is happier without the pain of the sores on his face!

Kiley D.

My allergies were causing bad irritation on my face – very noticeable red blotches and raised itchy skin. It made going out in public difficult. I had received topical steroids from a dermatologist which only helped temporarily and I didn’t want to get allergy injections from an Immunologist. I was discouraged and unsure how to deal with the allergies/symptoms. A friend recommended Neurowaves to me so I decided to give it a try. I happily report that the allergy treatment coupled with M.I.T. therapy provided by Neurowaves has significantly reduced my allergies and symptoms. After about a month of treatment my face has dramatically cleared up from the red irritation and is still improving. The treatment I received at Neurowaves has been so beneficial! I highly recommend this place. George and staff are welcoming and friendly.


Jay G.

Since birth, I struggled with being lactose intolerant. Any time I would have a small amount of milk my feet would feel like they were on fire and my throat would instantly close up. I had spent countless years at Doctor’s offices being pricked and never got anywhere. Dr. Weinand was very clear as to the process of treatment. After coming into his office for a few treatments (never once pricked with a needle) I CAN EAT AND DRINK ANY MILK PRODUCTS!!! Thank you George!!!
The rest of the staff are truly amazing!  Very welcoming and professional.
I have recommended my friends and family,  ALL have success stories.

Brett D.

I took my son to Neurowaves after trying EVERYTHING to solve his eczema problem he had suffered from since he was a few months old. I had tried creams, prescriptions, coconut oil, nothing seemed to make a difference at all until I made changes to his diet. Took him off eggs, then wheat, dairy, etc, etc. Sometimes it would clear up, but it would ALWAYS come back. We met with Dr. Weinand and immediately began the Naet treatment. They made everything very easy with a very squirmy almost two year old. 🙂 I love that it was pain-free, no pricks etc. And the best part, it works! After each treatment, his skin got clearer and clearer! It’s been over six months now and it hasn’t come back since. I recommend Neurowaves to everyone I know and have been back myself to treat gluten sensitivities etc. George has a huge sense of humor and him and his staff make you feel very at home in their office.

Whitney W.

I can’t thank you enough for the NAET treatments. Our family has found freedom again with foods. We have all seen a change in emotions and a calm over our family. I truly believe it has been the key factor in helping to build our immune systems. We all have definitely been much healthier. Priceless!!!

Donna B.

I want to let anyone who is considering NAET, know that George Weinand gave me a life I never knew.
I started life protruding formula clear across the room the moment my mom brought me home from the hospital after being born. When my mom questioned the doctor, she was told, as long as I am gaining weight keep giving it to me. That was the beginning of a life of sickness, ear infections and asthma. At age 9 I almost died from bronchial pneumonia. Each single breath was such a chore to take, I wanted to give up. Bronchitis was a familiar friend that visited every year. The longest-lasting 3 months.
It wasn’t until I was in high school that a chiropractor my parents were seeing for treatment suggested they take me off of milk, dairy products, and chocolate, surmising I had allergies when they mentioned of my troubles. Sure enough, I was better. Better, but not allergy-free. Many years later while in my 30’s, tired from sneezing and a stuffy head, and the effects of allergy pills, my mom went in search of something different for me. She found a doctor who performed the usual skin testing on me but after almost killing me from a shot upon sending me home, I never went back. I was not told beforehand what the shot was, later to find it was Benedryl, a drug I cannot take, let alone drive on!
My mom resumed her quest for help and found an allergy doctor in one of her allergy books who was close by. I called him to find he was since retired. After telling him of my demise, he said if I wanted a different approach to allergies, then to call George Weinand, and so I did.
I began NAET treatments to cure my allergies, yes cure. Through muscle testing, I found that I was basically allergic to everything I ate, drank and breathed it seamed. I felt like I could have been the “girl in the bubble”, from the movie “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble”, in which he lived in from a suppressed immune system. It all made sense now, why I suffered like I did.
Through no drugs, no shots and several treatments later I now live in a world I never knew existed. No more waking up to a mound of filled tissues and days of being in a daze from either a head filled with snot or the effects of allergy drugs. This treatment has greatly influenced my life. I am now on the other side of the allergy sufferers. I am now saddened by them, knowing very well what it feels like, and knowing that telling them of a cure will probably be turned down by the brainwashing of doctors giving pharmaceutical band-aids. Modern medical doctors I have come across have put the treatment down because it is not in their medical books or journals, therefore it has to be witchcraft or a form of mind control. Well, there is more than one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes, and I know from experience that NAET works, and everyone who knew me before and sees me now, knows it works, much to their amazement.
Why this technique is not more prevalent is beyond me. I would pay triple the amount in a heartbeat to experience the normalcy I always wish I had. As the American Express commercial says, “Priceless”.

Sherry L.

Thinking of you Dr Weinand and the sacrifice you are making so that I may improve my way of life. 


Thank you so much for your generous and loving heart. I will never forget your kindness and what you did for me. I thank our Heavenly Father for all three of you. You have been and will always be a blessing in my family’s lives. 

Yolanda K.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your allergy and brainwave treatments have improved my family’s health and wellbeing indefinitely. I will be forever thankful. I cannot express enough gratitude for your caring and generous nature. The Lord is clearly evident in your practice and He touches those that you help to heal. We have been blessed through our relationship with you. Thank you.  You will always be remembered. 

Lauraine E.

Thank you seems inadequate for expressing how grateful I feel about what you did for Brandt’s allergies and attention deficit. For years we have prayed for solutions and healing for Brandt. He was allergic to nearly everything that went into his mouth.

Behavior modification and positive reinforcements were never successful. I have always been concerned about his future because of his lack of anger control and self-control. Everything we tried brought about changes but not enough to free him from his wretched body chemistry and his response to it.

The changes in a few weeks time were amazing. He is finally in shape enough to establish new ways fo behaving and developing positive personal habits.

Thank you so much for being part of the answer to prayer! Your work and your generous gift of treating Brandt is immensely appreciated! As the Psalmist would say, “My cup runneth over with joy”!

With great appreciation and thankfulness, 



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