Sensitivity Stress Syndrome

About Sensitivity Stress Syndrome (SSS)

SSS (allergy) elimination uses a gentle, non-invasive method that locates and removes blockages in electromagnetic pathways that are related to allergens.

You can be sensitive to anything: foods, prescription drugs, herbs, vitamins, clothing, pollens, trees, animals. Undiagnosed allergies can produce symptoms, illnesses, and even chronic diseases. You may suffer from asthma, addictions, candida, yeast problems, fatigue, immune disorders, hormonal imbalances, sinus troubles, inflammatory conditions, etc. 

The theory of “SSS” method is based on viewing the body as made up of pathways for the flow of electromagnetic energy. Without this energy, the body is like a computer without an electrical power supply.

With the latest advances in electronics, bio-photon analyzing, isopathic energies and magnetic fields we are able to enhance SSS. This system scans the body’s intrinsic data field energy patterns looking for the correction that the brain is using to rid the body of the allergy. Once discovered, it attempts to create an isopathic copy of the correction and then communicates this information back to the body’s intrinsic data field. The body can then use this information to create a field of energy that will keep the body’s chemistry from shifting into a reaction.

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