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About Whole Food Supplements

Our perspective on nutrition and supplementing is “less is best”. For years, George, saw clients over-treating themselves with supplements. Often using synthetic isolated vitamins in mega doses creating deficiencies and imbalance. His favorite reference book was, The Reverse Effect: How Vitamins and Minerals Promote Health and CAUSE Disease by Walter A. Heiby.

We have focused our recommendations on supplements that have a history of efficiency and are delivered in a whole food concentrate, recognized and utilized in the body as a food with the cofactors necessary to allow the nutrition to be easily bioavailable and assimilated.

Standard Process, starting in the 1920’s, has provided amazing products that are made from whole food concentrates grown, harvested and manufactured at the company farm in Wisconsin.

CHI Enterprises offers Chinese Herbal combinations for wellness.

Please refer to this video for ordering information. To sign up with Standard Process’s Patient Direct, call Jeff or Dolly directly at Neurowaves, 949-363-8250.

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Please understand that in answering questions we do not diagnose or prescribe, but offer nutritional information only to help you to co-operate with your doctor in your mutual problem of building health. In the event you use this information without your doctor’s approval you are prescribing for yourself which is your constitutional right, but we assume no responsibility.